Prevent & Treat infections

Prevent Infection 

Wound infections are caused by the deposit and profileration of microorganisms in the surgical site of a susceptible host. There are numerous ways microorganisms can enter the wound bed. The infection can result in sepsis when bacteria spreads into the blood stream. If not actively treated, a sepsis can progress to multi-organ failures with a potentially lethal outcome.

The main objective is to prevent infections rather than to treat them.

Infection Treatment 

Silver Alginates react immediately and are highly efficient against a wide range of microorganisms including MRSA. Our unique silver dressings play an important role in reducing the bacterial load.

Due to its specific and patented ionic silver alginate matrix, Askina® Calgitrol® provides a broad antimicrobial effectiveness(1). In contact with wound exudate, the alginate matrix forms a soft gel allowing a sustained controlled release to the wound bed during use of the dressing (2).

Using the same technology with different presentation, Askina® Calgitrol® range is well adapted to the different wound types.  


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Expert opinions on infection management

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The Current Products & Practices aim to update clinicians on best practices and explains how to use a range of products.

Case study 1:

Using Prontosan® Wound Irrigation Solution and Gel X on patients with recurrent venous leg ulceration

Case study 2

Using Calgitrol® Ag on patients with recurrent venous ulceration

Case study 3

Using Calgitrol® Paste on a patients with recurrent venous ulceration

Brochures & Clinical Evidences

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Clinical effectiveness of alginate silver dressing in outpatient management of partial-thickness burns
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