Black Necrotic Wounds How to treat

Removal of black necrotic wound is prerequisite for initiation of wound healing process

Black necrotic wounds (non-ischemic)

Level of exudate: low

Necrotic tissue or eschar consists of an accumulation of dead cells, tissue and cellular debris. Removal of wound eschar through appropriate debridement techniques (surgical or medical) is a prerequisite for the wound healing processes to start.  

Remark : sharp debridement can bring about haemorrhage. Conversely, eschar is normally not the result of haemorrhage but much more often of ischaemia.

Therapeutic objectives Removal of dry necrotic tissue
Procedures/Actions Hydrating the wound with hydrogel
Mechanical or surgical debridement
Wound cleansing and wound bed preparation Prontosan® Wound Gel X
Primary wound dressing

Deep: Askina® Gel

Superficial: Askina® Gel

Secondary wound dressing  Askina® Derm
Dressing replacement frequency Up to 3 days