Pleural Puncture and Drainage

Accumulations of air and / or fluid within the pleura-, pericardial or abdominal space can cause life-threatening disorders of the respiration as well as the cardiac function. Therefore, the objective of every emergency therapy is to totally remove the air or fluid. This used to be done either by needle puncture or by placing a sterile, surgical suction drainage. Large bore catheters (so-called Bülau Drainages) are to be avoided whenever possible, from the costs´ point of view and the advantages of a minimal invasive surgery for the patient.
B. Braun developed a special, small bore PUR catheter which also allowed safe drainage, and if necessary irrigation, of visceral cavities being under negative pressure (Pneumothorax Drainage), without any additional surgical devices by means of a 3-way stopcock and an adjacent back check valve.
Pleuracan® has become widely accepted for thorax drainage from the beginning, also in pediatrics.
For short term decompression and drainage of the pleural cavity B. Braun offers the Pleurofix®-Sets.