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20 years of NuTRIflex three-chamber bags: the integrated, ready-for-use system for parental nutrition

20 years ago, B. Braun introduced the first standardized three-chamber bag to the European market for patients who are reliant on parental nutrition.

The bag system consists of three separate chambers filled with amino acids, lipids, and glucose. The bag is ready for use after the activation, or mixing, of the three individual chamber contents. Both current product series “Lipid” (with four versions) and “Omega” (with two versions) differ from each other in the composition of the lipid emulsion. 

To mark their 20th birthday, there is now a new generation of multi-chamber bags in production at the LIFE Nutrition plant in Melsungen. The bags’ launch onto the European market is planned for 2019.

With the introduction of the standardized three-chamber bag as an alternative to individual bottles as well as nutrition solutions that are based on patients’ individual needs and manufactured in so-called compounding centers, a new era of parental nutrition therapy was rung in: The risk of infection for patients is lower with the bags compared to when bottles were used. Care personnel save time and those bearing the costs save money.