Corporate social responsibility

Our commitment as a corporate citizen

B. Braun Lanka, corporate social responsibility has been an integral part of the company since its inception. B. Braun considers itself to be a "Corporate Citizen" and has made this a central element of our corporate philosophy.

At B. Braun, we believe that operating a business sustainably also involves assuming responsibility for the people of the country. Our commitment as a “Corporate Citizen” involves knowledge sharing and improving health & education of children in the country.

In accordance with global CSR strategy B. Braun Lanka, which became a subsidiary of B. Braun in 2011 initiated “B. Braun for Children” Corporate Social responsibility project very recently.  

For the pilot project we have selected Panasara Primary School, Thalawa, an underprivileged school in remote Sri Lanka to setup basic infrastructure. Panasara Primary School is located in Anuradhapura district, and 220 km away from Colombo.  B. Braun Lanka provided class room facilities including seating arrangements and wash room facilities for 60 students in grade one class.

It is also important to highlight the activities we have done towards “Education in the health industry”. In this we have trained 1,025 Doctors, & 7,450 Nurses, in line with 'Sharing Expertise'. In doing this knowledge transfer to the Health Industry.

B. Braun Lanka team really proud be a part of this worthy project as we strongly believe “Children are our future” and carries initiatives to improve the infrastructure enabling to deliver quality education in Sri Lanka.